Miami Dade Adoption Story – Meet Wolfson!

Hi!  My name is Wolfson, but don’t worry; I’m not a wolf!

This is my adoption story. I’m a 5-year-old American Bulldog mix with so much love to give.  I think there’s enough for everyone in the whole world!  Even here at the shelter, the humans call me the staff favorite!  They love my positive attitude and the snuggles I give them, but they also like more specific things like my underbite and how I always stick my tongue out when I sleep.  And I don’t care that an underbite isn’t good for pictures – the camera loves me just as much as humans do.  Check out some of my glam shots!

Do I have a dazzling smile?

Trust me, though, I didn’t always look this fantastic.  A nice human rescued me and brought me here on June 4th after I was really badly hurt.  I can’t remember it clearly, but I think I was hit by a car…  I injured both of my back legs, and while they could support my weight, I was too tired to try much at all.  The vet said I was lethargic and anemic on entry, but I don’t know what that means.  It couldn’t have been good, though.  I had never hurt so much!  It was so bad that I needed a blood transfusion from another dog!  Thank goodness these humans had a good vet.  I bet you’ve never heard a dog say that before.

Adoption saved my life

I’ve recovered a lot since then, though, if you can’t tell. I’ve been born again thanks to adoption.  I’m not anemic or tired anymore, and while my back legs still hurt sometimes when I stand up, I don’t let that stop me!  Walks are one of my favorite things.  Sleeping is another one, and toys are great, too.  Any kind of toy will make me happy!  I don’t know how I feel about other dogs, though.  The humans say I can’t try playing with my neighbors yet, just in case they hurt my legs again.

By far my favorite thing, though, are human hugs and snuggles.  I don’t know who said lap dogs have to be small – I’m a big boy willing to crawl into anyone’s lap no matter what!  If that’s somehow not possible (which is hard; I’m very determined), then I’ll settle for forced snuggles instead.  If I shove myself under your arm, or even under your leg if you’re sitting down, give me some love!

I’d love to meet you and become part of your loving family.  So, if you need a big, fluffy lap warmer who loves a camera, come to Miami-Dade Animal Services Pet Adoption & Protection Center to pick me up!  Ask for A2050609 to meet your new best friend!

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