Is salmon oil good for dogs?

As responsible pet owners, our job is to make sure our dogs’ nutritional requirements are fully covered. Fatty acids are part of the nutrient recommendations for pet food made by the National Research Council (NRC) and constitute an essential part of their diet.  Omega 3 for dogs is highly recommended since dogs can’t produce Omega-3 and Omega-6 on their own, so they need to get their fatty acids through supplementation, but is salmon oil good for dogs?

Natural sources of Omega-3

There are two important sources of omega-3 present in fish: EPA (eicosatetraenoic) and DHA (docosahexaenoic). These sources are present in fishes like sardines, salmon, and anchovies, which in their natural environment, are all great for our dog’s health.

However, specialists don’t recommend the use of salmon as a daily supplement since it’s not environmentally sustainable.  Most salmon oil comes from farmed salmon. This salmon is exposed to harmful toxins, and it can contain PBC and parasites which are dangerous for your dogs’ health.

Is salmon oil good for dogs? Even though fatty acids coming from salmon are a great source of Omega-3, specialists don’t recommend salmon supplementation in dogs. You can get the same nutrients from other fishes such as anchovy or sardines.

At Mokai, we choose wild anchovies over salmon: we get all the same nutrients while avoiding toxicity. We’ve developed Wild Fish Oil Liquid and Omega-3 Fatty Acid Treats. We make them out of fresh ingredients carefully tested for purity. Also, they are harvested from wild-caught fish in cold ocean waters. We extract the fatty acids of our supplements quickly to optimize purity without undergoing heat processing, bleaching, or distillation.

EPA and DHA, the two main sources of Omega-3 available in fishes, have limitless benefits. Among others, they:

  • Help vision and cognitive development
  • Provide a healthy immune system
  • Decrease incidents of hot spots
  • Promote a healthy and shiny coat while reducing shedding
  • Reduce and control reactions to allergies
  • Improve brain and eye function development
  • Reduce joint pain and produce more collagen in your dog’s body. They can also help treat canine arthritis.
  • Improve skin health by reducing itchiness and dandruff.

Omega-3 supplementation has a substantial impact on your dog’s body. It can improve his quality of life considerably. Besides, the benefits of salmon oil for dogs are a lot. However, you can find the same vitamins and fatty acids you find in salmon in other fishes, far less dangerous and toxic for your dog. If you are still going to feed your dog with salmon, make sure it is wild salmon, grown in a safe environment. If you decide to go for a healthier option, you can try Mokai’s Omega-3 soft chews or wild fish oil liquid, made from wild Peruvian anchoveta.

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