How to calm dogs through fireworks

The use of fireworks has been a very controversial topic. The noise and flashes of fireworks can be harmful to pets and they can get severely stress out during these periods. Not to mention for those dogs who are already suffering from anxiety, their health can be at risk. Some dogs feel threatened and triggered and can even hurt themselves during fireworks.

Dogs and fireworks. How can I calm an anxious dog?

  • Don’t let your dog outdoors. Always make sure your dog stays indoors during fireworks. Otherwise, he can get even more scared with all the flashes he will be seeing and he might even escape. Turning on the TV or radio can help camouflage the sound of fireworks and soothe him out. Try to choose a quiet channel to help him unwind. Make sure it’s not too loud.

  • Create a relaxing atmosphere for him. Choose a safe place in your house and take your dog toys and blanket there. It can be the bathroom or a bedroom.  Never lock him away. You can stay by his side but you should always act natural. If you put too much effort into calming him, he will notice you are nervous and he can stress even more.

  • Get him calming support. Dogs get anxious and frightened due to the unpredictability of the situation: they have no idea what’s going on and they can even run away and hide. If you know your dog gets stressed over fireworks, you should seriously consider getting him calming support. At Mokai, you can choose between hemp calming treats and natural chews for dogs to help them deal with anxiety.

‘If your dog gets scared during fireworks, make sure to create a relaxing atmosphere in your house, don’t let him outdoors, and get him calming support’

Using Pressure Wraps

  • What are pressure wraps? They are bandages that apply pressure throughout your dog’s body to alleviate anxiety. They can be used not only through fireworks but also during thunderstorms. Its efficiency has not been scientifically proved, but some dog owners find this technique helpful. You might want to give it a try.
  • Keep an eye on him the following days. ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’ like the song goes. Once fireworks are over, you still need to be very careful and keep an eye on your dog. Parts of fireworks can remain on the floor and dogs can ingest them confusing them with something else. Fireworks are poisonous to pets, they contain chemicals such as calcium chloride and sodium nitrate, among others.
  • Train him. Naturally, this is not a hasty solution. But if your dog is suffering from severe anxiety, you can try desensitizing him to loud noises and sounds through training.

Not all dogs suffer from anxiety during fireworks, but if your dog does, these tips can help you by giving you the guidance you need to assist him during these episodes. Remember that dogs are very sensitive to loud noises, and what is a standard noise for us, can be startling for your dog

dogs and fireworks

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